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Extended Reality


Cutting-edge Mixed Reality Laboratory

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Is a multi-purpose space designed to provide a comprehensive laboratory facility, accompanied by a range of support and expertise XR technology services

Technology Democratization

Breaking down barriers, making cutting-edge tools and knowledge accessible to all.

Interdisciplinary Science and Culture

Foster innovation by bringing together diverse fields of knowledge to address complex challenges


The driving force behind progress, illuminating the path to new discoveries and solutions


The key that unlocks the potential of individuals and paves the way for a brighter future

About Us

The XRCENTER serves as an open interactive center. Its goal is to familiarize the public with new technologies. The Center is characterized by its interdisciplinary nature, conducting research in Biomedical Technology, Medical Informatics, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Medicine, Psychology, and Education.

It offers interactive courses, data visualization, seminars, and conferences. Additionally, it engages in the preservation of cultural heritage, cultural promotion events, and art. The lab fosters interdepartmental and interinstitutional collaborations.

Comprising over 25 faculty members from the University of Ioannina, with more than 10 individuals working at the center, the XRCenter plays a pivotal role in the scientific and cultural life of the region, filling a void that was previously lacking such facilities.

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Research Papers

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Assessing Electroencephalography as a Stress Indicator: A VR High-Altitude Scenario Monitored through EEG and ECG

VR Visual Acuity

VR Visual Acuity

First Aid VR

First Aid VR

Dyslexia VR

Dyslexia VR


Research Papers

Alzheimer’s Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia: A Robust Classification Method of EEG Signals and a Comparison of Validation Methods

    Miltiadous, Tzimourta

    Phd Candidate, Post Doc Researcher

    An experimental protocol for exploration of stress in an immersive VR scenario with EEG

    Miltiadous, Aspiotis

    PhD Candidates

    Assessing Electroencephalography as a Stress Indicator: A VR High-Altitude Scenario Monitored through EEG and ECG

    Aspiotis, Miltiadous

    PhD Candidate, PhD Candidate


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    Explore the world of virtual reality and augmented reality with the Epirus XR Center! We provide equipment and tools for the development of VR/AR simulations and support innovation, education, and research. With specialized software and development platforms, we create an expandable space for simulations based on various scenarios

    Quest Device

    MR Headsets

    Haptic feedback device

    Haptic Feedback

    a 3d render of a human moving

    Motion Tracking

    3d printer and scanner

    3D Technologies

    motion simulator

    Motion Simulator

    3d cave system render

    3D C.A.V.E. System

    robotic arm

    Robotic Arm

    Biosignal Devices



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