The World of Mixed Reality in University of Ioannina

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Open, interactive research lab of Immersive Technologies

Department of Informatics and Telecommunications

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Human-Computer Interface Lab

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XR Center

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Our Department

The Department of Informatics and Telecommunications

Based in the city of Arta. The department operates in two modern buildings at the University Campus of Kostakioi in Arta. With over 500 active students, 18 members of Teaching and Research Staff, a master's and doctoral degree program and 4 research laboratories with doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications is an active cell for the production of knowledge and opportunities for young people seeking a successful career in the field of Informatics and Telecommunications.

Our Purpose

The main purpose of the Department is the development of intense research activity in modern areas of Informatics and Telecommunications, and the participation in national and European research and development projects to attract external resources.

The Professors

Faculty professors have a large number of published work in leading scientific journals, have developed important international collaborations with relevant departments abroad and participate in scientific committees of international journals and conferences of recognized prestige. The professional rights of the graduates of the Department are equivalent to those of graduates of related Departments of Greek Universities.

The XR Center

The Center

The XRCENTER serves as an open interactive center. Its goal is to familiarize the public with new technologies. The Center is characterized by its interdisciplinary nature, conducting research in Biomedical Technology, Medical Informatics, Computer Science, Telecommunications, Medicine, Psychology, and Education.

Our Purpose

It offers interactive courses, data visualization, seminars, and conferences. Additionally, it engages in the preservation of cultural heritage, cultural promotion events, and art. The lab fosters interdepartmental and interinstitutional collaborations.

The Members

Comprising over 25 faculty members from the University of Ioannina, with more than 10 individuals working at the center, the XRCenter plays a pivotal role in the scientific and cultural life of the region, filling a void that was previously lacking such facilities.

Human Computer Interface Lab


The Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, as part of its mission, aims to address the educational and research needs of the Department of Computer Science and Telecommunications at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels.

Our Purpose

This includes providing an appropriate academic environment to fulfill teaching and research needs, conducting scientific research, and organizing local and national conferences, symposiums, seminars, and lectures

Research and Facilities

Perceptual Interfaces, Bio signal Retrieval and Analysis, Bioinformatics and Digital Transformation Technologies are among the research fields of interest. The lab is equipped with numerous tools to facilitate the research interests.

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