Participation of the Epirus XR Center in the KSL CHAMPIONSHIP 2023


Participation of the Epirus XR Center in the KSL CHAMPIONSHIP 2023

With the participation of 81 Schools and the presence of more than 300 students of all levels of General Education, Vocational Education, Music High Schools, Art High Schools, Sports and Church Schools, from cities of Central Macedonia, Thessaly and the North Aegean Islands, the 2nd Student Competition “KIDS SAVE LIVES CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 – in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)” was successfully completed in Thessaloniki, which is a global first.
The competition was held on the occasion of the World Health Day (April 7th) and the day of the foundation of the World Health Organization and is organized by the Humanitarian Civil Society Organization “KIDS SAVE LIVES”, in cooperation and approval of the Regional Directorate of Education of Central Macedonia and with the voluntary participation of 100+ of our certified instructors.

From the morning of Saturday 01.04.2023 until the afternoon of Sunday 02.04.2023, the competing student groups flooded the premises of the Planetarium – Science Dissemination Centre and Museum of Technology NOESIS, flooding with enthusiasm, joy, cheers, slogans, applause and happy voices all over the competition area, which had been properly prepared by the organizers.
The evaluation of the students was carried out using modern, scientific methodology, on appropriate educational state-of-the-art projectors connected to special software that provides an accurate evaluation percentage (%).
It is worth noting that all the new – state-of-the-art equipment, is sponsored by the Ministry of Finance (and immediately after the request of KIDS SAVE LIVES – CHILDREN SAVE LIVES was granted for the reduction of the VAT on the PUBLISHERS from 24% to 6% and the approval of its extension).
A total of seventy-five (75) free Basic Life Support (BLS | ERC) certified Basic Life Support (BLS | ERC) trainings, and 4 instead of 3 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) were distributed as NICE trophies after the Elementary Schools were continually tied.

With red hands from the many applause and with a voice broken due to his great and obvious emotion, the founder and President of the Humanitarian Organization KIDS SAVE LIVES Mr. Anastasis Stefanakis, the founder and President of the Humanitarian Organization KIDS SAVE LIVES – CHILDREN SAVE LIVES, after thanking “from the heart” all the children who participated, the authorities of the city, the sponsors – supporters, first of all the administration of NOESIS and the Regional Education of Central Macedonia, congratulated the winners of the competitions, and among other things said:
“These children are the mirror of the Civil Society that wants and can change Greece, to make it a country more solidary, more sensitive and especially safer for the next 70 years. For this to happen, the State needs to institutionalize the STUDY of CPR and First Aid as a NATIONAL PRIORITY and to place a DEFIBULTOR in every school.
Let’s follow the path shown by our CHILDREN and ADULT students, let’s all learn CPR, it’s simple and easy, as long as there is will, love and willingness. During these two days we were proud of the new generation coming up and we got vitality, joy and strength until our next competition.
The struggle of all of us continues both in and out of schools and this daily and multi-faceted struggle needs all of us trained and on the front line to save every life at risk next to us. It’s easy, it’s simple, see the children, learn from the children!”

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